About US

Shenzhen Zhiliu Technology Co.,Ltd is an open source infrastructure software company providing API processing and analytics with products and solutions for microservices and real-time traffic processing such as API gateway, k8s ingress controller, and Service Mesh. We are committed to managing and visualizing business-critical traffic such as APIs and microservices for global enterprises, accelerating business decisions and driving digital transformation through big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Donated by Shenzhen Zhiliu Technology Co.,Ltd to the Apache Software Foundation's top project APISIX. It is a new generation of cloud-native API gateway that provides rich traffic management features such as load balancing, dynamic upstream, grayscale publishing, service meltdown, authentication, observability, etc.

And based on Apache APISIX, Provide APISEVEN including: multi-cluster management, multi-work partition, authority management, version management, auditing, statistical report and other enterprise products APISEVEN to meet the core needs of enterprise users.

Hundreds of enterprise users worldwide are already using Apache APISIX to handle core business traffic, including financial, Internet, manufacturing, retail, carrier and many other industries.


Corporate Culture

Shenzhen Zhiliu Technology Co.,Ltd is a team of open source project contributors, including Apache APISIX PMC member, Apache SkyWalking committer, Core developer of OpenResty, Maintainer of git-extras, NGINX contributor, Envoy contributor, etc.

They embrace efficiency, openness and self-drive, and want to change the world with technology.

We support telecommuting and welcome talented developers from all over the world to join us.

Office equipment

Behind the elegant code are excellent developers + top-quality office equipment


At 4pm when I can't write code, running helps my brain clear up

Snacks + Meals

Eat and drink such a small thing please directly ready, do not ask me, I only love coding

Flexible work

Adapting my most outrageous biological clock to give me the freedom of maximum creativity

Contact Us

Shenzhen office: Shenzhen Software Industry Base, Block 5E
Hangzhou office: Hangzhou Fortune Financial Center Building 2, 46th Floor
Zhuhai office: Leshi Cultural District, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province