Front-end Engineer

Update At 3/19/2021


  • Responsible for the front-end development and design of the company's products;
  • Responsible for the development and improvement of base libraries, frameworks and key modules;
  • Work with the overall technical team to optimize the development methods and processes and specifications of the front-end team and improve team efficiency.


  • Proficiency in front-end frameworks such as jQuery, Bootstrap, Ant Design and familiarity with objectified Javascript programming;
  • Experience in the development of enterprise products or SaaS;
  • Knowledge of user experience, interaction and user requirement analysis, product or interface design experience is preferred;
  • Strong self-learning ability, relatively high enthusiasm and concern for front-end cutting-edge areas, good execution, good willingness to communicate and collaborate, and focus on efficiency.


We're a remote work company with employees in 6 cities across China, and we do all of our collaboration through GitHub, Slack and Google Docs.